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 We are currently accepting applications for the following position(s) within our office:

Constituency Assistant

Job Description

  1. Provides constituency outreach and strategic planning. Monitors current issues that may have an impact on the constituency.

  2. Undertakes research and analysis for the Councillor with respect to policy matters and divisional services/programs as they relate to constituency/public inquiries and concerns. Discusses same with City staff for appropriate actions and response. Prepares responses. May be required to sign on behalf of the Councillor.

  3. Ensures that inquiries/concerns are addressed and detailed records are maintained. Follows up on requests/inquiries made by the Councillor to City staff.

  4. Provides liaison between the Councillor and City staff with respect to corporate initiatives, services, programs and issues affecting the Councillor and his/her constituents.

  5. Prepares and coordinates general presentation material and/or speeches for the Councillor when necessary.

  6. Ensures the Councillor is prepared with the required briefing material for public/ community meetings.

  7. Arranges public meetings, meetings with constituents and other community events. Assists and/or represents the Councillor at meetings/events.

  8. Represents the Councillor at meetings with City staff, constituents, community organizations and associations, and special event functions. Communicates the Councillor’s position and obtains support for that position at these meetings if necessary. Also accompanies the Councillor to required meetings providing assistance and advice.

  9. Proactively outreaches to a diverse set of community stakeholders in order to assist the Councillor in communicating their position.

  10. Maintains awareness of ward, community and city-wide municipal matters, and other matters affecting the municipality, the Councillor and his/her constituents.

  11. Maintains confidentiality with respect to issues involving the City and the Councillor, and adheres to the City’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

  12. Undertakes special assignments as requested by the Councillor.

Qualifications include:

  1. Experience working from a community development perspective

  2. Fluency in Mandarin and/or Cantonese, written and oral, is preferred

  3. Experience in workshop and/or group facilitation

  4. Experience and commitment to working with residents from diverse communities from an anti-discrimination/anti-oppression perspective

  5. Experience with networking and working collaboratively with local agencies and community groups

  6. Ability to work with assignments demanding critical judgement, analytical thinking and problem solving.

  7. An understanding of municipal services, issues, and politics

  8. Available to work evenings and occasional weekends as required

  9. Highly developed verbal and written communications skills with the ability to present complex information to a variety of audiences

  10. Proficiency in applying conflict resolution skills in complex multi-stakeholder situations.

  11. Ability to work within and meet tight deadlines.

  12. Ability to develop and maintain solid internal and external relationships.

  13. Proficiency and experience working in a computerized environment

This position is a full-time contract position for the 2018-2022 term of City Council and includes a 6 month probation period.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Please forward cover letter and resume to