Meet Shelley


Meet shelley

Shelley Carroll has been a resident of North York since she was 10 years old. Both she and her husband, Sandy, went to school here and raised two daughters and three young grandchildren. Her start in politics was fueled by concern for her children during the difficult years of Ontario's education reform in the late 1990s.

Shelley was first elected in 2000 to the Toronto District School Board where she served as Trustee for three years, including one year as Chair of the Board. In 2003, Shelley was elected to Toronto's City Council.

As a Councillor, Shelley put her financial background to use as Chair of the Budget Committee during the global financial crisis. As Budget Chief she delivered four balanced budgets and accumulated a $364 million surplus for the following term. More recently, Shelley has served on the Economic and Community Development Committee, Public Works & Infrastructure Committee and the Toronto Transit Commission.

In her local ward, Shelley introduced the Basement Flooding Mitigation Program, negotiated over 500 affordable housing spaces, delivered renovations to community centres and implemented Toronto’s first-ever Participatory Budgeting process.

Shelley was re-elected for her fifth term in October 2018 amidst sweeping changes to Toronto's governance system. The size of her ward was expanded to represent over 120,000 residents in one of Toronto's largest and most diverse suburbs. Her ward now encompasses almost an entire subway line, and with that comes an abundance of growth and housing development.

The work to manage this growth, complete essential projects and address the resulting traffic and infrastructure challenges is what Shelley intends to dedicate herself to in this term of office.