Resources for Tenants

211 - Call helpline to connect you to numerous services in Toronto. Best place to call when you don't know who to call.

311 - Access to all City of Toronto services. Call for everything from snow plow issues to information on recreation programs.

Federation of Metro Tenant Associations hotline: 416-921-9494 – Information about tenant rights and responsibilities in 150 languages.

COSTI – Immigration settlement organization which is able to help with everything from housing issues to finding housing to seeking employment. 416-244-0480

Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario - Provides legal representation for tenants. 1-866-245-4182

Willowdale Community Legal Services - Local organization able to provide legal services to residents for little or no charge, especially on issues of tenant rights. 416-492-2437

City guide on tenant rights and responsibilities:

Province's guide on tenant rights and responsibilities:

Organization with support for seniors, especially those of whom are renters 416-598-2656

Information on how your rights and responsibilities may differ if you're a tenant in a condo:

Resources For Seniors