Participatory Budgeting In Don Valley North

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Participatory Budgeting (PB) is a system of direct democracy where residents suggest and then vote on how City funds are spent within their community. Through Councillor Carroll’s advocacy, the City of Toronto completed a 3 year pilot project of PB in the old Ward 33. Residents’ votes successfully funded 14 capital projects over the 3 years. Before the official City of Toronto pilot project, Councillor Carroll independently ran PB processes for 2 years.

This term, Councillor Carroll is committed to continuing PB in Don Valley North, with a process occurring this year. This years process is now well on its way, with idea collection closed. Submitted ideas are being evaluated by staff, before feasibility, costing, and whether or not a member of the community would like to champion the idea decides whether the idea appears on the final PB ballot.

Projects Voted On By The Community

This popular basketball court at Van Horne Park was built through a PB process.

This popular basketball court at Van Horne Park was built through a PB process.


2015 projects

Brian Village Gateway (Completed)

New gateway on the northwest side of Brian Village Drive at Sheppard Avenue East will include seating, and new curved planters for landscaping.

Don Valley Fitness Park  (Completed)

Outdoor fitness equipment will be added in Bellbury Park.

Bicycle Lockers around Don Mills Station  (Completed)

Lockers will be added near Don Mill Subway station, at Don Mills and Sheppard, to create a secure place to lock bikes and make it easier for people to include physical activity in their travel.

2016 Projects

Ward 33 Butterfly Garden  (In Progress, will be completed by end of year)

Naturalized butterfly garden on northeast corner of Buchan Court and Sheppard Avenue East.

Fitness track in Linus Park  (Completed)

Rubberized or gravel track for running and jogging.

Improve pedestrian safety and accessibility around Bellbury and Lescon Parks  (Completed)

Add curb cuts and signage where paths meet streets.

New water bottle-filling stations  (Completed)

Replace 2-3 existing water fountains in parks with water bottle-filling stations.

Ping pong table in Bellbury Park  (Completed)

Outdoor concrete ping pong table to encourage fun and physical activity.

New benches in Parkway Forest Park  (Completed)

Add 4-5 new benches for seating.

2017 Projects

Exercise park in Parkway Forest Park (In Progress)

Outdoor fitness park for all ages.

Seniors exercise park in Godstone Park (Completed in July 2019)

Outdoor fitness park for all ages, with focus on equipment to help seniors stay active.

Pleasantview Park improvements (In Progress)

Three new benches for seating, and re-painting of playground.

Shawnee Park recreation improvements (In Progress)

A small sports pad for ball hockey/hopscotch/rollerblading, a “bench fit circuit” with 7-8 fitness benches, and add pickleball to one or more tennis courts.

Shawnee Park accessibility improvements (In Progress)

Curb cuts and path connection at Shawnee Circle at Micmac Crescent, near playground.